2017 Balloons and Pilots

Fun One II
Piloted by Van Anderson
Sponsored by Andy and Cindy Heiskell

Piloted by Russ Jurg
Sponsored by University Toyota

Piloted by DJ Wertman II
Sponsored by Simon Strong

Greased Lightning
Piloted by Thomas Furlong
Sponsored by Hagedorn's

Piloted by Stew Gibboney
Sponsored by March-Westin

Sweet Surprise
Piloted by Tim Hampton
Sponsored by Center Service Auto Body

Private Eye Too
Piloted by Scott Kelley
Sponsored by Vision Homes

Teal Temptation
Piloted by Dick Rossen
Sponsored by Howard Hanna Properties

Sky Dancer
Piloted by Michael Ruede
Sponsored by MPE Rentals

Piloted by Dan Saul
Sponsored by Wassick Novelty Co. LLC

Cool Change
Piloted by Bill Scarberry

Hour Big Bundle of Joy
Piloted by Walter Rudy
Sponsored by Keylogic

Honorary Weatherman
Todd Fisher

Owzat Again
Piloted by David Buckingham
Sponsored by Steve Prunty

Mountain Mama II
Piloted by Wayne Woodall
Sponsored by Bruce Pauley