2019 Pilots and Balloons!

Fun One II
Piloted by Van Anderson
Sponsored by Andy and Cindy Heiskell

Piloted by Russ Jurg
Sponsored by University Toyota

Piloted by Michael Emich

Movin' Magic
Piloted by Mark MacSkimming
Sponsored by ESolutions

Piloted by Stew Gibboney
Sponsored by March-Westin

Pleasant Surprise
Piloted by Tim Hampton
Sponsored by Wassick Novelty Co. LLC

Private Eye Too
Piloted by Scott Kelley
Sponsored by Harrison's Auto Sales

Piloted by Keith Sproul
Sponsored by Skyrider

Blue Check
Piloted by Larry Kirkbride
Sponsored by MPE Rentals

Flying Colors
Piloted by Dean Clodfelder
Sponsored by Simon Strong

Cool Change
Piloted by Bill Scarberry
Sponsored by Steve Prunty

Hour Big Bundle of Joy
Piloted by Walter Rudy
Sponsored by Hagedorns

Honorary Weatherman
Todd Fisher

Almost Heaven Too
Piloted by David Litton
Sponsored by Howard Hanna Properties

Black Tie
Piloted by John Kennard
Sponsored by Center Service Auto Body

Piloted by Jeff Conley
Sponsored by ML&J Gas

Blue Dragon
Piloted by Jack Edling
Sponsored by Glass by Julius

Carpe Diem!
Piloted by Mark Woodard
Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Morgantown

Gooney Bird
Piloted by Chris Harper