At this time we have enough crew for our 2021 Event!


Sign-up to get closer then ever to the balloons as crew members!  While most of our pilots travel with a least a couple of crew members, putting up a balloon is a big job and many of our pilots need an extra set of hands!  Crewing for a balloon is hard work but it's also tons of fun!  Volunteers need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds and should not have any physical limitations or health issues.  All crew need to be at the launches at least an
1 hour ahead of time and should plan on the flight and pack-up taking another hour or so.  Having knowledge of the Morgantown area is also a bonus since the chase crew needs to follow the balloon along it's flight path to pack it back up once it lands.

We are unsure how many pilots might need crew at this time but we will reach out to volunteers as soon as we know!  If you're interested, please provide your contact information and indicate which flights you're available to help with!

Balloon Crew Sign-Up!